Tommy Delaney Fitness

This website is designed for the person who finds it hard to get time to go to a gym to work out, so I was always keeping this in mind.

It gives you the opportunity to become more active and eat better from your own home and office., I am here to give you any support you may need. I work as a fitness/nutrition coach in my private studio, but I am always thinking of the person who cannot get to me. So, from there I started to work with clients online and has grown successfully for me over the last year. This also gives all clients the option to do workouts online and improve their eating habits.

The thing is here you can go through the complete program via my app where I have my Home wellness programs designed specifically for people working in a seated job from at home or in your office. This is all at the touch of a button via your phone and I am here always to support you. The best thing is you need no equipment either for online workouts, just your bodyweight and by the time you get up to the final conquer program, you will be very fit, strong, and healthy.

About Tommy

A little bit here about me Tommy Delaney Fitness. I am a qualified Personal trainer, nutrition coach and kickboxing coach. I have been working in the fitness industry since 2008 and am forever developing my knowledge and experience. Also have been an Irish Kickboxing champion and competing around the world with the Irish national kickboxing team, so fitness and nutrition was always a part of my life.

I host Tommy Delaney Fitness podcast where I expand on scientific studies around health and fitness topics and interview other practitioners within the fitness industry.

I also work with groups in schools and other organisations, giving education on the benefits of been active, eating better and improving your lifestyle habits.



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