Tommy Delaney

Tommy is a qualified Personal trainer, nutrition coach, and kickboxing coach. Also doing a number of courses like kettlebells, Suspension training, Zuu Training, and much more.

Female Fat Loss Part 1

Notes How to get started from HomeWhy something is better than nothingHow much body fat should I loose

Living with Diabetes

Notes Diabetes been a part of your life.How to deal/work around itEducate yourself and learn about your body.Going into the cause of Diabetes and the effect of people opinions.Finding balance living with Diabetes


Notes: Weights vs CardioChanging eating behavioursGetting in Shape from at home.

Healthy eating and Recovery Strategies

Notes: Are we born with willpower or notSetting up your environment for better resultsUse food like a traffic light systemWhat is RecoveryShould I SupplementImportance of balancing life

Lifestyle Strategies

Notes: Find Time to Exercise living busy LifestyleHow to lose body fat around the stomach areaGoing Threw MenopauseAlcohol is it healthyDoes Motivation Work